Correspondents Team
Co-Editors-in Chief

Haytham El-Wardany

Rose-Anne Clermont

Senior Editors

Sven Recker

Koumay al-Mulhem

Local Editors

Algerian Editor: Ilyas Hallas

Egyptian Editor: Mohamed Farag

Libyan Editors: Rana Al Akabany and Hatem Mohareb

Tunisian Editor: Khemaies Ben Brik
<br/ >Social Media Editor: Wafaa Heykal

Photo Editor: Alex Bohn

Project Staff

Correspondents Project Manager: Roberta Pasini

Regional Coordinator: Neji B´Ghouri

Project Assistants: Yesser Afghani, Citalia Grozeva, Romany Khalifa and Vincenzo Tata
Design: Gunnar Bauer
Programmer: Georg Tremmel
Correspondents is a project by Media in Cooperation & Transition (MICT) with support from the German Foreign Office. The views expressed within do not represent the views of the German Foreign Office.
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