Dear readers,
After seven years of covering the social and political transformations in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Algeria on the “Correspondents” website, our website and our editorial team are moving to a new address under the name of Khatt 30 (Parellel 30th) that covers the North African countries which are based along the Parallel 30th.

The new name Khatt30 (Parallel 30th) is not meant to be a break nor an interruption from the previous experience, but rather a continuation in a new form that responds to the current technical and editorial requirements of the global transformations in the field of digital journalism, which include more visual and written experiences from these neighbouring geographies.

The correspondents’ website,, will remain an archive for the readers, interested parties and fellow journalists, and the name of the “Correspondents” Facebook page will pass to the new name “Line 30”. That will be our channel to communicate with you.

Wait for us a few days and stay with us on the “Khatt 30”!